We believe in:

  • empowering our clients  in environmental decisions
  • working with our clients to build their capacity so that they may work on their own in the future
  • listening to our clients and respecting their culture and values so that these are reflected in the way we work
  • the need for all Canadians to play a role in reconciliation with indigenous peoples
  • the principles of free, prior and informed consent as stated in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Codes of Professional Conduct

As a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners, Caroline has passed the requirements to become certified in Ontario (transferred from Alberta) and must fulfill foundational responsibilities to the public, clients and employers, the planning profession and other planners. The professional code of practice of Ontario planners are to:

  • respect and integrate the needs of future generations;
  • overcome or compensate for jurisdictional limitations;
  • value the natural and cultural environment;
  • recognize and react positively to uncertainty;
  • respect diversity;
  • balance the needs of communities and individuals;
  • foster public participation; and
  • articulate and communicate values.

As a certified Environmental Professional, Katherine must follow EcoCanada’s Code of Ethics which include statements about: protection, competence, integrity, confidentiality, conflict of interest, and public confidence.