We work with our clients to align community goals with development benefits through meaningful involvement in environmental planning, assessment and associated consultation processes.  The end result: opportunities aren’t missed, strong relationships are built, and resource benefits are focused where they are wanted or needed most.


“Caroline provides a professional and sincere client driven approach that meets project scheduling, strategic planning, governance, consultation and enviro-technical needs. From the quote to do the work to the final product the client can see and track the outcome.”

David Flood
senior Lands manager, Brunswick House First Nation: General Manager Wahkohtowin Dev Inc. 

“Caroline facilitated a session full-day for us in December 2016 on a very complicated natural resource/planning topic. She is a dynamic and detail oriented professional facilitator, was organized, met all deadlines, and most importantly, connected with the group to establish their trust and achieve our session outcomes. Very thorough from start to finish and would highly recommend her.”

William Martin
Senior Policy Advisor,
Ontario Ministry of Natural
Resources and Forestry

“Odonaterra provides valuable consulting services to Wahgoshig First Nation. They are knowledgeable, culturally aware, proficient, and trustworthy. We recommend them to any community looking for expert support in environmental planning or engagement with industry on natural resource development.”

Chief Joel Babin
Wahgoshig First Nation